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"For the first time in history, we are beginning to understand that we all live on a very fragile space station. But unlike the one our astronauts built, it does not have any shuttles. We can’t get off. We’ve got to take care of it and make it livable for all of us."
- John Perkins, Founder and Chairman of DreamChange



Yearend Report & Upcoming Events

*Request for Support* Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to DreamChange and/or consider becoming a sponsor of our groundbreaking June 2015 event—The Love...


Seven Generation Sustainability & the DreamChange Initiative for Youth Education

I just finished an interview with Journey for Earth, a global awareness company that is committed to inspiring change for humanity, the environment and animals, one...


Uncovering Your Passion & Talent for a Sustainable World

We live in a time when humanity faces a wide range of social, environmental and economic problems, and it is normal to wonder why. Why is the world in such crisis? How di...


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