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"We live in the most revolutionary time in human history. It is bigger than the Agricultural Revolution or the Industrial Revolution, the American Revolution or any other revolution. This is a revolution in consciousness, a time for us to wake up to our true potential as human beings. It’s a revolution that will free us from our unconscious stories of lack and limitation and release us from the false values, hopes and expectations that have kept us stuck in dysfunctional patterns – both as individuals and as global societies.." - John Perkins, DreamChange founder & NY Times best selling author

Redefining Wealth & Advancing Business for People, Planet, Prosperity, Purpose:

DreamChange’s work is centered on the belief that businesses have tremendous power to impact the world on a massive scale. If we were to make all business decisions from places of love and compassion, we would naturally have a positive influence on people and the planet. [Our annual event] the Love Summit’s mission is to bring to light why “loving is good business”, how acting from a place of compassion will not only benefit society and the environment, but also our businesses and other institutions. Love can be the motivation behind business planning and work relationships, instead of fear and scarcity, the current underpinnings of a sick economy and environment.

“An economist says that essentially more for you is less for me. But the lover knows that more for you is more for me too. If you love somebody, then their happiness is your happiness—their pain is your pain. Your sense of self expands to include other beings. That’s love. Love is the expansion of the self to include the other. And that’s a different kind of revolution—there’s no one to fight, there’s no evil to fight, there’s no ‘other’ in this revolution.” – Charles Eisenstein

We are beginning to redefine our understanding of wealth as many of us, despite how much money we make, feel a tremendous loss of happiness, connection, community and meaning in our lives. As we realize that money cannot buy these things, we start to see that true wealth lies in the experiences of our relationships—our relationship with other people, our environment, and ourselves.

The Love Summit explores why the “more for you is less for me” mentality is now obsolete, and why profiting at the cost of other people and the planet’s wellbeing is not sustainable long-term. Instead, by making all business decisions for the benefit of society and the environment, we can create sustainable enterprises with a much more rewarding [quadruple] bottom line of people, planet, prosperity and purpose.

Conference content such as heart-brain connection science paired with the real-time experience of distinguished business experts, will demonstrate how companies and consumers can follow both mind and heart to achieve positive relationships with each other and the planet. Presenters will show how using compassion as the basis for all personal and business decisions can create an economy that will bring greater security and happiness for everyone.



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