11 Principles for Leading a Truly Great Business

I know that success depends on people loving my business. I want them to love what we do, the goods and services we offer, and our commitment to our employees, customers, and the communities we serve. I understand that:

1. Sustainability begins with love;
2. Compassion drives my business;
3. Heart-centered individuals foster successful, heart-centered businesses;
4. By putting people and the planet first, I know that my business will prosper;
5. Happy, healthy employees work together towards a shared purpose;
6. My business is a force for positive change and serves a public interest;
7. Empathy guides decision-making in my business – an acknowledgement that our customers’ needs and our needs are inseparable;
8. When I come from a place of love, my business helps raise consciousness and promote actions and laws that create heart-centered societies;
9. Sustainability means loving the resources we use;
10. My investors expect a fair rate of return; and
11. Love is a bottom line approach.