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"Participating in the consciousness revolution can no longer be ignored as simply a nice, feel-good choice for those who might care enough or find it convenient. It is now imperative for all of us who share this tiny, fragile space station as our only home. Our present and our children’s futures depend on our ability to change the dream of our society. All of us will be impacted catastrophically if we continue in the current reality. But if we listen to the ancient prophesies of indigenous cultures all over the world and join together in the revolution, we can change that reality for the better.

Now we must pay attention to the clarion call that grows louder each day and is voiced by people all over the world: work together for peace and justice. We must transform the current “Death Economy” that is based on militarization and depleting the earth’s resources into a “Life Economy” based on alleviating hunger, reducing pollution, and developing new forms of energy, transportation, and responsible businesses.

We live in the most revolutionary time in human history. It is bigger than the Agricultural Revolution or the Industrial Revolution, the American Revolution or any other revolution. This is a revolution in consciousness, a time for us to wake up to our true potential as human beings. It’s a revolution that will free us from our unconscious stories of lack and limitation and release us from the false values, hopes and expectations that have kept us stuck in dysfunctional patterns – both as individuals and as global societies." - John Perkins, DreamChange founder & NY Times best selling author



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