Looking Ahead to a Brand New Year

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By John Perkins & Samantha Thomas

Our country – and the world – is facing challenging crises. We know the climate is changing and that we humans are devastating the air, water, and land that support all life on this planet. We know that today’s social and economic injustices are unprecedented. And we also know that our government is incapable or unwilling to turn things around.

It is easy to be discouraged. Except, we now understand that We the People have ultimate power to transform ourselves and our institutions. And we know that since businesses lead politics and governments and are merely entities comprised of people, we can use our power within them so that business is used as a force for positive change.

The highly successful Love Summit business conference organized by Dream Change is an enormous step towards solutions. The first Love Summit, aimed at reshaping businesses and the entire economic model, was a huge success.

We now plan to take the conference global, and we need your help!

We urge you to make a year-end tax-deductible donation to Dream Change so that together we and the Love Summit can continue this critical work.

The second Love Summit will take place on October 12, 2017 at LPK design agency’s Brand Innovation Center (BIC) in Cincinnati, Ohio. The new brand is a global system based on love, and we are designing the template for that at LPK’s BIC in 2017. Our next stop after Cincinnati: Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Latin America — the world.

With the Trump administration about to take over, businesses have a special responsibility to mobilize together to create behavioral change that promotes equality, awareness, empathy and love throughout the world. The Love Summit provides a unique platform for business and government leaders to come together and share why, and how, sustainability begins with love.

We all know that since politics will not, business must lead us out of this crisis. Love is the business solution for the future, and it is the answer to the worldwide crises we face. When all of our actions come from a place of love, sustainability will be simple.

Please help us move into a world where LOVE RULES.

Donate to Dream Change now and support the movement of love in business, government and throughout the world.

Best wishes for the holiday season & beyond,
John & Samantha